Treating Periodontal Disease with Laser Therapy

Periodontal disease is very serious. It is the leading cause of tooth loss in adults. It is also very sneaky. It can progress to a rather advanced stage without any symptoms. This is one reason that Dr. Philip C. Carson wants his patients to come in for regular check ups. At your regular dental exams, signs of periodontal disease can be caught before you, as the patient, even know there is a problem.

However, sometimes periodontal disease does become a problem. When that happens, of course a thorough diagnostic exam will suggest the best course of action for treatment. In cases that need more treatment than a root scaling and planing procedure, we offer the Periolase MVP-7 as an alternative to traditional cut-and-sew periodontal surgery.

How Does Periolase work?

The Periolase device revolutionizes periodontal disease treatment. The laser is used inside the periodontal pockets where harmful bacteria wreak havoc on your gum tissue. It simultaneously sterilizes the area and gets rid of diseased gum tissue while leaving the healthy tissue underneath to heal. Periolase encourages readhesion of gums to the tooth, making it a very good option for periodontal therapy. Healing time is much shorter than with surgery, too.

If you have periodontal disease and would like to try a less invasive, faster and easier treatment than surgery, call Dr. Carson at (423) 624-1313 to schedule a consultation today!